San Alejo

Nariño, Colombia
Tasting Notes
Peanut butter, maple syrup, candied orange
San Alejo

The Details

Fourth-generation coffee farmer Robert Cabrera runs the tiny, 2.5-acre San Alejo Farm with passion and precision. Known for pushing the boundaries of growing and harvesting, Cabrera consistently delivers exceedingly drinkable and accessible coffees for all. Their artisanal, small batch beans reflect a passion for coffee that is generations in the making.

San Alejo is produced using a honey process, for less environmental impact and more distinct flavor: perfect for someone who wants a specialty coffee that tastes familiar and accessible. While our other varietals offer layers of fruit or flowers, San Alejo is mellow and sweet. With notes of peanut butter, maple syrup, and a hint of candied orange, this is a coffee anyone can enjoy. Naturally sweet and approachable, it’s a slow-sipping, lazy Saturday coffee that fits any mood.

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Location Nariño, Colombia
Elevation 1850 meters
Varietals Colombia, Castillo
Processing Honey