Kolla Bolcha

Jimma, Ethiopia
Tasting Notes
Watermelon, lavender, raw honey
Kolla Bolcha

The Details

This delightful coffee hails from the Agaro region in Ethiopia. Formed in 2016, the Kolla Bolcha Cooperative celebrated its first harvest in 2017, yielding exceptional coffees from the start. All freshly harvested Kolla Bolcha beans are pulped and soaked overnight, dried in the shade for 24 hours, and moved to raised African beds to dry for 8–12 days. This innovative process accentuates the crisp and distinct fruit and sweet honey flavors of the coffee, making it unlike anything you’ve tasted before.

Our Kolla Bolcha is juicy on the front end, with hints of watermelon and lavender and a finish filled with sweet, luscious notes of raw honey. With bursts of flavor that linger like holding down a piano key, it’s the perfect, refreshing coffee for a hot summer’s day or an afternoon pick-me-up.



Location Jimma, Ethiopia
Elevation 1900–2100 meters
Varietals Local landrace
Processing Washed