Buziraguhindwa Washing Station
Tasting Notes
Raspberry jam, lemon candy, lilac
Sweet, fruit forward

The Details

Due to its pristine growing conditions and climate, the East African region of Burundi is home to over 700,000 coffee-growing families. Burundi’s volcanic soil and abundant rainfall create the perfect environment for growing some of the world's best coffees. With coffees known for sweetness and body, Burundi’s double-washing and double-fermenting processing methods result in clean and bright flavor profiles. The sundried technique used to create our Kayanza Burundi varietal results in the concentration of deep, rich flavors that are unexpected and unparalleled. This remarkably fruity coffee has unambiguous flavors that are direct and sweet. Our Kayanza Burundi is dripping with notes of raspberry preserves and an underlying tartness reminiscent of lemon candy, with a floral lilac finish. A true indulgence with a heavy, boozy, Port wine-like body and deep sundried complexities.


Location Buziraguhindwa Washing Station
Elevation 2000 meters
Varietals Bourbon
Processing Natural