Founder's Selection Gesha

Silla de Pando, Volcán, Panama
Tasting Notes
Sparkling red Brachetto d’Acqui wine, ripe strawberry, rose, pink lemon, opal apple, caramel, cognac
Founder's Selection Gesha

The Details

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This rare Gesha coffee was handcrafted, as flawlessly as possible, from bean to bottle. The extraordinary experience you’re about to have begins with coffee born in the mountains of Panama on the world's largest Gesha farm, Ninety Plus Gesha Estates. An uncompromising grower and producer of single-origin beans, they deliver unexpected flavors through process innovation, season after season. Out of each harvest, Ninety Plus’ founder, Joseph Brodsky, chooses one coffee as the pinnacle of production. In this bottle is his latest selection.

Our team worked tirelessly to capture the maximum expression of flavor in this rare coffee and dialed in ideal chilling temperatures to yield a cold coffee that is full, alive, and ready to enjoy. We meticulously roasted this coffee to its peak potential, brewed it to its optimal strength and extraction, chilled it from the first drop to the last straight from the brewer, and hand-sealed every bottle to capture all of its magic. With abundant flavors of super-ripe strawberries, pink lemons, crisp apples, and smooth cognac, our Founder's Selection is unlike anything you've ever had before and anything you'll ever have again.

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Location Silla de Pando, Volcán, Panama
Elevation 1500–1700 meters
Varietals Gesha
Processing Proprietary