You've never tasted cold like this.

Cold, reimagined by the hottest beverage innovation company in the world.


Cool any beverage at-home, instantly

The groundbreaking Coldwave pitcher allows you to chill any beverage, in less that 90 seconds, without chemicals, preservatives, refrigeration, or ice.

Take your favorite just-brewed, carbonated, alcoholic or shelf-stable beverage from hot to cold, without changing its flavor or watering it down.

That's icy-cold coffee and tea from hot and freshly brewed in an instant -- or cold cocktails, juices and sodas--straight from the shelf.

The Cafe Coldwave

Customized cold beverages, on-demand, at your restaurant or cafe

Outdated chilling techniques like ice, refrigeration, and cold brewing lead to dilution, oxidation, and the loss of flavor and aroma. That's why we created the Cafe Coldwave, a revolutionary, industrial beverage-chillin g technology that allows cafews and restaurants to cool freshly-brewed coffee and tea and off-the-shelf cocktails - to precision temperatures - in one minute flat.


Our patented, rapid-chilling beverage technology merges thermodynamic innovation with tried-and-true heat exchange technology for custom drinks --chilled form hot and craft cocktails made icy-cold in seconds. No dilution waste, chemicals, additives, or compromise -- just cold, thirst-quenching deliciousness like you've never experienced before.

Snapchill your coffee, tea or spirit with us

The world's best coffees, & our own -- snapchilled & canned

Some cold coffees are better than others

Coffe tastes best when brewed hot, which is why when it's cold-brewed, iced or refridgerated, it has less flavor and aroma. As lovers of all things chilled, we searched the world for a way to deliver a flavor-forward, cold coffee experience unlike any other. Our options left us cold. Which is why we created a thermodynamic cooling technology that preserves richness, taste, and depth without chemicals, preservatives, or dilution. Our indusrry-changing Snapchill tec hnology takes coffee from hot to icy-cold and delicious -- in an instant.

Partner with us to snapchill and can your coffee, learn about direct-to-home chipping, or find out how you can sell our RTD coffees in your retail cooler.

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