Regalia - Decaf Desvelado

Tolima, Colombia
Tasting Notes
Molasses, cherry, clean finish
Regalia - Decaf Desvelado

The Details

Decaf Desvelado is not just an incredible decaf, it's an incredible coffee. This coffee hails from Tolima, Colombia and is processed with a newer decaffeination method, the EA process. EA stands for ethyl acetate, a compound existing in many natural fruits, making this a more natural decaffeination method than others and preserving a lot more of the coffee's inherent flavors. In this can we taste a heavy molasses sweetness, a hint of cherry, and a clean finish.


Location Tolima, Colombia
Elevation 4700-5700 ft.
Varietals Castillo, Colombia, Caturra, Tabi
Processing Washed & EA Decaffeination Process