Honey Shantawene

Bensa District, Sidama, Ethiopia
Tasting Notes
Violet, jasmine, ripe papaya
Honey Shantawene

The Details

Our first Small Batch Series offering is Honey Shantawene, which has an incredibly floral profile boasting tasting notes of violet, jasmine, and ripe papaya.

This coffee was imported by Catalyst Trade coffee who has been working in Ethiopia forming relationships in this region since 2015. Since they started their work in this region, Catalyst has been helping the farmers on site to improve their processes and to isolate specific lots. 

This specific lot is unique since there are very few honey-processed coffees coming out of Ethiopia, and especially few that are executed this well. 

Delicate florally and strong candied fruit permeate this cup, making this one of the most exceptional coffees we’ve had this year. In addition to its wonderful flavor profile, we also chose this coffee because of the work that Catalyst has done directly with Shantawene village to help drive them toward excellence and recognition. Due to their hard work, this washing station won two different entries through roasting companies in the Good Food Awards 2019. 

We are proud to offer this same coffee, Snapchilled.


Location Bensa District, Sidama, Ethiopia
Elevation 6250 feet
Varietals 74/158, 74/110 and local variety known as Setami
Processing Honey