Elemental Beverage Co.

Rethinking the craft of cold.

We’re people who love great coffee, tea, and cocktails—and happen to prefer them cold. In our search for the perfect chilled drink, we found that traditional methods like ice, cold brewing and refrigeration lead to dilution and oxidation, destroying much of the flavor and aroma we crave. Since no one should have to compromise on taste, we decided to change it up. Our patented Snapchill Technology harnesses the power of simple science to chill everything you pour in seconds, without ice or chemicals. We’re actively reimagining the craft of cold drinks, in the name of fresh and delicious, in the name of cold.

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Single-Origin Snapchilled Coffees

Kolla Bolcha

Watermelon, lavender, raw honey
Kolla Bolcha
Juicy on the front end, with hints of watermelon and lavender and a finish filled with sweet notes of raw honey. The perfect refreshing coffee for a hot summer’s day or an afternoon pick-me-up.
Yes Please


Raspberry jam, lemon candy, lilac
Dripping with notes of raspberry preserves and an underlying tartness reminiscent of lemon candy, with a floral lilac finish. A true indulgence with a heavy, boozy body similar to Port, and deep sundried complexities.
Yes Please

Cold Beverages In Under 60 Seconds

The Elemental Beverage Snapchiller transforms hot and fresh beverages into refreshingly cold drinks on demand, using little more than simple science, artistry, and passion.

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Come Chill With Us

Gear Patrol Holiday Pop-Up

December 12-15


122 Bedford Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11249

Gear Patrol is opening up shop in Williamsburg with a curation of products to help you get you where you’re going during the holiday season - including our Snapchilled Coffees!